What we do


Generally CST is used for practical training of flight attendants to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the passengers. Processes like boarding, flying, in-flight service, exiting the aircraft and even emergency situations can be simulated realistically with our Cabin Service Trainers.


Our CST mock-ups can be customized in design, depending on your requirements, according to cabin class, training program, service compartments and equipment. Cabin Service Trainers can feature fully-functional seats, storages, galleys, lavatories, flying attendant sections and more.


Now it’s even easier to shoot your movies, commercials or be noticed in expos. Depending on your request we are able to build in any given specific size and model realistic aircraft mock-ups that are able to offer the best solutions for filming such as shooting angles, lighting and more.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

We are always open to new projects and available to meet our clients’ requests. Understanding your requirements and vision and incorporating them with our ideas and innovations is our ultimate aim. After agreeing on the final project we will always make sure you are part of every step of the project and part of the process.

Our experienced creative team will start to work on a presentation considering your ideas,   company brand and the expected aim of the Project. Rest assured that we will do our upmost best to find unique ideas and exquisite concepts for your project until you are fully satisfied and ready for the next level of the project.

After all is agreed with the projects selected idea and concept, our engineers will start to work on the 3d modelling and planning process and the time frame of production. When all the modelling and the production plans are finalized we will then invite you over for a presentation so that you can approve the final design stage of the project.

According to the modelling and production program, our experienced technicians will start to work on the project in the designated area. All stages of construction will be monitored by our engineers. Clients are given weekly reports on the process of the building process and informed of all stages of the process.


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